Hello dear visitor, my spiritual name is Amanjot Kaur (Alla is my given name) and I am happy to welcome you to this cyber space.

Sanscrit word Amanjot means a person of Peace and Jot means God's light. These are the faculties I embody more and more every time my spiritual names are called.

Alla is a female aspect of the God Allah.


I am really not a writing type, so had to come out of my shell here :-) I prefer live interactions, looking in person's eyes and giving lots of hugs.


Kundalini Yoga found me in 2009 and the impact was so profound, that I wanted to share it and started teaching almost instantenuously. 

Since then, I've completed Level I and II teacher trainings, as well as Pregnancy Yoga teacher training, Children's Yoga training and many other commodities including Reconnective Healing, Homeopathy Self Prescribing Course and Feng Shui. All of them are mixed in my heart into one magic concoction and I manage to harmonise my life with their help.


I am a mother of 3 and Guru knows I'd be so dull and serious if I hadn't had kids. My family is at the very core of my being and a lot of my students become my very good friends and even "extended family members".

It will be my third year with the Great British Kundalini Yoga Festival co-ordinating the children's camp and we invite you all to come join us. The link to the website is here and we are also taking in a pool of donations via PayPal ( so that we can subsidise tickets for pregnant women and young mothers with children under 4 who would not be able to come to the event otherwise.

Postnatal depression or warning ⚠️ signs to the new reality of a mother.

The information contained on this website comes from ancient yogic traditions. nothing on this website should be construed as medical advice.

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